Sponsoring the World's Greatest Train Meet in York, PA

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Orange Hall York Train Meet Parking Lot The Northern Central Railway Iwa Jima Memorial

Orange Hall, York Expo Center, York, PA

While the name on the building is Weis Arena, everyone knows this is the Orange Hall.

Where's the closest parking space!!!

You'll want to get there early to ensure you get a good parking space well before the opening bell.

Northern Central Railway

Ride the rails that Abraham Lincoln rode to give his Gettysburg Address at the Northern Central Railway, New Freedom, PA.

Old Glory - honoring the lives of our heroes

Eastern Division considers it a privilege to gather under our flag and celebrate the freedom to play trains and share the love of our hobby with friends.

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Eastern Division TCA

York Train Meet


  • April 18th, 19th, and 20th 2024 York Show:


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About Us:

The best description from the first time attendee is: "I never dreamed I would ever see so many trains in one place".


In the Beginning:

The York Train Meet began in 1969 and has been growing ever since in popularity. I remember the stories the "old" members shared about the early days of York and the only hall open was the Blue Hall. Everyone would stand outside the door and when George Yohe opened the doors there was a mad dash to lay claim to the perfect location. Boxes were thrown in the doors with the hopes they'd land on a table and children were sent scurring under the legs of members with instructions to find a "good" location.

The Growing Years:

York has come along way since those early days. Having expanded the number of halls, the meet now uses all the buildings on the fairgrounds. With three dealer halls, 4 member halls and 1-2 operating layout halls, the meet draws 13,000-14,000 members, families and guests for each meet in April and October. York is a one of a kind meet. As the York Meet grew in popularity among the members of the Train Collectors Association they began coming from all over the world to find that rare and unusual item to add to their collection. After filling the Memorial Hall, also know as the Blue Hall, the meet grew filling every building on the fairgrounds. There was the Red Hall, White Hall, Purple Hall, Yellow Hall, Green Hall and Silver Hall. In 2004, the fairgrounds built their largest building measuring over 75,000 square feet and this became known as the Orange Hall. As a result the Yellow & Green Halls closed forever.

Where we're going:

We're growing and because we require membership in the Train Collectors Association to attend our meet, York has become the Number 1 recruiting tool for the Train Collectors Association. To join TCA, click here.

We invite non members to attend our meet and see what we're all about. We have a "one time" guest rule: you may attend one meet and then you are required to join TCA to continue attending. We think you'll like what you see and want to join the organization so you may continue to attend. The friendships you cultivate is just one of the benefits of attending our meet. Click here to learn about attending the show as a guest.

Team Bio:

personel bio picBob Buehler, Eastern Division President

Bob is the newly elected Eastern Division President. Prior to being elected as president he served as an officer on the Virginia Train Club Board of Directors.

personel bio pic

Mike Petronella, York Meet Chairman

Mike has served as the Eastern Division York Meet Chairman since 2008. Prior to being appointed to this position he volunteered on the York Committee since 1996.

Debbie Geiser York Train Show Registrar

Diana Hood, York Meet Registrar

Diana has served as a member of the Registration Team since 2015. She currently processes the tableholder, online and members registering to attend the show only.

Sam Geiser Rules & Regulations & Membership Chairman Sam Geiser, Eastern Division Membership Chairman, Rules and Regulations Chairman, Past President

Sam has served as the Eastern Division Membership Committee Chairman since 2017. Prior to 2017, he served as the Eastern Division President, Vice President, Division Director, Division Rules & Regulations Committee Chairman, and WB&A Chapter President.

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