Sponsoring the World's Greatest Train Meet in York, PA

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Orange Hall York Train Meet Parking Lot Iwa Jima Memorial

Orange Hall, York Expo Center, York, PA

While the name on the building is Weis Arena, everyone knows this is the Orange Hall.

Where's the closest parking space!!!

You'll want to get there early to ensure you get a good parking space well before the opening bell.

Old Glory - honoring the lives of our heroes

Eastern Division considers it a privilege to gather under our flag and celebrate the freedom to play trains and share the love of our hobby with friends

New York New Jersey Bus Trip Purple & Orange Halls Mike Petronella Award Layout ideas
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Eastern Division TCA

York Train Meet


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  • April 20, 21, 22, 2023 York Show:


The York Expo Center and the Operating Layout Buildings are open to the Public.
Click HERE to register online and skip the lines.




Layouts coming to York ~ Located in the Black, Orange & Purple Halls



Register at the show and take your badge home with you!!!!!

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York Train Show - April 20, 21, 22, 2023 - Quick Reference Guide

Links in the announcement below:

Online Registration

Dealers Meet Notice

A Big Thank you for your Donations

Ed Prendeville
Paul Misaurillo
John Draude
Tim & Judy Ulrich
Russell Youens
Morgan Madanick
Donna Neff
Howard Holden
Les Mathis
Cid Andrade
Dan & Hope Danielson
Julius Zschau
Jolene Coder
June Aydelotte
Standard Gauge Module Association
TCA National
Marx Show & Tell Group
Maria Penry
Uwe Heintze
Dave Rodgers


Scooter and Wheelchair Rentals for the York Show

This notice is to inform you that the scooter rental company for the York Train Show Scootaroundusa, has changed it’s name.

We are now Stillwater Scooters.

Our web site is:            stillwaterscooters.com

Email:                          stillwaterscooters@gmail.com

Reservation are not required, or

Reservation can be made through the web site or by email. 

The Train show dates are April 20-22, 2023 


3 hrs.   $25

Thur. all day 12pm -6:30        $45

Fri. all day 9am – 6:30           $55

Sat. all day 9am – 3:00          $40

All 3 days         $120

Thank You

Keith Bankes

 PS: If you had previously sent in for a reservation for Oct. Please send it again.

Switching everything has caused me to lose some emails.

April 2023 York Welcome Party

Tuesday Evening, 5:30 PM, Need Tickets - Call - 814.928.0196


Bruce Greenberg's Train Study April 2023 Report

Bruce Greenberg’s Lionel Train Study
April 2023 Seminar

Friday, April 21, 2023 4:00 PM
York PA Fairgrounds,Orange Hall Meeting Room.
Open to the public.

Click here to see what's coming to the April 2023 Show. Plan to attend and bring your Lionel boxed sets, locomotive, operating and passenger cars from 1937 - 1942 to be photographed. Email Bruce at bruceCgreenberg1@gmail.com. For more information visit Bruce's webpage. Click HERE.

David Gilbert at April 2023 York Show

David Gilbert - President, A.C. Gilbert Heritage Society
and Editor of "Bill Bean’s Guide to GILBERT ERECTOR SETS, 1913-1932"
will be doing book signings in the Orange Hall, row F-7, opposite the
National Museum tables.
Mr. Gilbert is A.C. Gilbert's grandson.

Below are photos of Mr. Gilbert signing autographs at a
prior ACGHS convention and also of the gold-plated presentation
Erector Set, given to A.C Gilbert by his employees to mark the
company's 50th anniversary in 1959.

Click here for more information about the A.C. Gilbert Heritage Society.

Operating Train Layouts at the York Train Show

Check for the list closer to the show. Below are some of the train clubs who have displayed their layouts at the show.

Black Hall: Standard Gauge Module Association - 25x41 - Standard Gauge Layout

SGMA Layout

Orange Hall Concession Area: Kids Creek Railroad, METCA & LCCA - 6x15 - O Gauge Layout

Kids Creek Railroad

Purple Hall: Eagle Line Railroad - 10x30 O Gauge Layout

Eagle Line Railroad

Purple Hall: Stillmeadow Crossing Modular Group - 24x36 - O Gauge Layout

Stillmeadow Crossing Modular Group Layout

Purple Hall: River City 3 Railers - 3x15, 6x15 & 12x15 - O Gauge Layouts

River City 3 Railers Layout

Purple Hall: Washington & Old Dominion - 26x35 - S Gauge Layout

Washington & Old Dominion Layout

Display your Modular Train Layout at York

If you know a Modular Train Club that's interesting in attending the York Show, have them contact Mike at meetchair@easterntca.com


A big Thank you to Carol McGinnis for her hard work and dedication as Editor and Publisher of Clem's Primer. If you haven't taken the time to read it, please do. It's packed full of good information about the show, York County and the surrounding areas. Put on a pot of coffee, grab a cup and get caught up on Clem's Primer. Here's the link: Clem's Primer!!



  1. You failed to include a Self Addressed Stamp Envelope with your registration.
  2. You sent a registration form without a signature.
  3. You sent a check with Non-Sufficent Funds available to cover the check.
  4. You didn't submit the correct amount of funds.
  5. We mailed your badge, however the postal service did not deliver it.
    CONSIDER PRE-REGISTRATION at the show and take your badge home with you.
  6. As you can see, there are a number of reasons you may not have received your badge. Be assured we have tried to contact you either by phone or email. It's very important we have the correct contact information on you. Please keep us up to date.

We have had a number of members contact us and say "they never received their meet notice." This has been a concern for many years so to make sure everyone receives a registration form Eastern Division has a full page ad in the TCA Headquarters Newsletter with the registration form . If you don't receive your meet notice, please register online https://www.yorkregistration.org or use the form located in the Headquarters Newsletter. Questions: call the Eastern Division Call Center at 814-928-0196.


York Train Show Open to the PublicThe Dealer and Operating Layout Building is open to the Public on Friday and Saturday.Our hours: Friday at 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM and Saturday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Register at the Ticket Booth located inside the Lobby of the Orange Hall (York Expo Center). Admission is $10 per person (Friday or Saturday). Children under the age of 18 accompanied by a paying adult will be admitted free of charge. Register online and skip the lines at Online RegistrationIf you like what you see consider attending as a guest. To register as a guest, go to Memorial Hall where the Registration Desk is located and tell them you want to register as a guest. Registering as a guest allows you access to the remaining 4 buildings. With over 1900 tables of trains for sale, it's a sight for sore train eyes to see. Guest admission is $25.00 at the door. (Public admission fee will be applied to your guest admission). Register online as a guest at Guest Registration.



Stop by the Pre-registration table located just inside the entrance to the Silver Hall,
register for the October 2023 show and take your badge home with you.



York Train Meet Welcomes GuestsWe want to remind you to bring as many guests as you want, as there is no limit to the number of “first time” guests you may bring. You’ll find the guest form on our website (Guest Form). Remember, a guest may attend one time as a guest and then they are required to join the TCA to continue attending the York Train Show and enjoy visiting not just the Dealer halls, but the Member halls, as well. Many guests continue to express their interest in TCA and have now become members. October York proved to be a another successful recruiting effort for the TCA.

Online Registration

Online registration is always an option and don’t forget you can call the Eastern Division Call Center at 1-814-928-0196 to pay by credit card.

We offered members the opportunity to pre-register for the upcoming meet and take their badges home with them. If you didn't take Pre-register for the York Train Meetadvantage of this convenience, please try it at the next show. A sign up table will be located across from the Registration Desk. Put that on your list of places to stop while wandering through the Silver Hall. The advantages for pre-registering:

  • Convenience - do it at the meet and forget about it until you receive your badge in the mail.
  • Cost - we pay the postage.
  • Time saver - you save time as you no longer need to wait for the meet notice to arrive, then complete the form, put a self-addressed stamped envelope in with your registration form and make a trip to the post office.
  • Accuracy of information - ensuring the information we have on file is correct and eliminating errors due to illegible penmanship.

Everyone should consider using this method to register for the next meet. If you pre-registered, you will still receive a meet notice for informational purposes only. No need to submit a registration form and if you're not sure if you pre-registered - Contact Us.

Be safe. We look forward to seeing you all again in at the next York Train Show.


but you would like to attend our show and see for yourself what it's like to go to "Toy Train Heaven". With 1 dealers hall and 4 non-dealer halls loaded with trains, plus modular exhibits of operating toy train layouts, dealer seminars, buying, selling and much more... you don't want to miss it. We have over 190,000 square feet of trains, trains and more trains. For more information click here to attend as a guest. Perhaps you've attended our show and now you want to join the Train Collectors Association and become a member of the York Train Show family. Click here for more information.


Wandering Through York County - Blog by Jamie Kensley

Check out this amazing blog at https://yorkblog.com/wandering/train-meet-2018/

Jamie Kensley


Jamie has spent many hours researching York County and the history of trains down through the years to include the Eastern Divison York Train Meet.





York Expo Center, York, PAYork County Convention Visitors Bureau

Click image for the link to the York Expo &
the York County Convention & Visitors Bureau, York, PA


Beware of Scams! If you're not sure the email is from the Eastern Division Registration Staff, do not open or click on any link in the email. BEWARE!!!

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